Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On a Clear Night

What a wonderful way to start the New Year!
Following the success at Peats Ridge Festival guitar project where we helped raise $1200 for the Thin Green Line, Circle of One foundation has been keeping the momentum with more guitar projects.
I'm so proud of my team! While I've been galloping along the beaches of South Africa, my team back in Australia are achieving leaps and bounds! It's at this point where I'm gushing over my best friend and uber talented artist Belle Cumming.
In a frenzy of last minute logistics I had Belle paint a guitar for Missy Higgins to sign at the Environs Kimberley Benefit Concert. I'm absolutely in awe of Belle's willingness to deal with my crazy demands and lists of things to do, not to mention the amazing work she's done on this guitar. It's stunning, beautiful, and embodies the essence of the Kimberley so aptly.
As I said, yes I'm gushing, but I love love love looooooove Belle and all the hard work she has been doing for me and Circle of One.
Big ups also to our latest wrangled volunteer Rachel for not only delivering the guitar to Melbourne but for her efforts selling raffle tickets and raising funds for Environs Kimberley at the show.
The team is growing, the projects are rolling in and the opportunities are humbling. Next stop for Circle of One is Big Day Out Sydney with a guitar to raise funds for Save the Kimberley! And keeping us on our toes after the Sydney gig, we're off to Melbourne for RAW for Africa: a benefit festival for the International Anti-Poaching Foundation.

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