Sunday, August 29, 2010

business cards on the way

I've ordered some business cards to help promote my artworks and commissioned pieces. I've also set up a new email address for inquiries about my work:

Everything that happens is from now on

In June and July I started drawing black crows. I was drawn to a song by Bon Iver (side note: the name Bon Iver is a play on the french term "bon hiver" - good winter, and this winter for me ironically was not... regardless I listened to a lot of Bon Iver to get me through) anywho! The song is called Re: stacks. The line that inspired these drawings goes:
"there's a black crow sitting across from me, with his wiry legs crossed, and he's dangling my keys, he even fakes a toss, whatever could it be that has brought me to this loss"
This image stuck in my head, and I just had to get it on paper.

Deer Heart

The month of May saw the return of the doe-eyed girl. I worked from a photograph taken by one of my favourite photographers Frank Petronio.
I absolutely love Karen's heart tattoo and wanted to capture this for the collection of doe-eyed girls.

Bluesfest, Tibet Guitar Project, Deadly as Eh!

April was an epic month! I had the opportunity to catch up with my beautiful friend Jennifer Rose, cruise up and down the east coast of Australia, and meet an incredible crew, now known, for all intensive purposes, as "Deadly as Eh!".

I was able to collaborate with Wazza Jones for his Tibet Guitar Project.
For the past three years Wazza has painted guitars and had them signed by the artists performing at the Byron Bay Bluesfest. The mission of the Tibet Guitar Project is "To raise as much money for the Tibetan Refugee Centre in Dharamsala India through the auctioning of hand painted guitars personally signed by Musicians at the 2007 , 08 ,09, 10 Byron Bay Bluesfests. To raise awareness of the Universal responsibility we have to be the voice of the Tibetan people."
Wazza, Rosie, Julie, Angus, Anita, Jason and myself rocked Bluesfest '10 raising awareness and spreading the message of change. With the support of the artists and performers at Bluesfest, we had three guitars signed, raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Tibet Guitar Project.
In addition to this, we also asked the artists and performers to sign a "world invitation to change". Green organic silk banners were signed as part of Satish Sikhar's mission:
So, overall the Deadly as Eh! crew was on a mission to use our voice and "be the change we wish to see in the world". It was an inspirational and amazing experience to be surrounded by people passionate about their music and creativity and most importantly passionate about making this place a better place to be.

Its been a while...

... I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting

and now if you can forgive me for the indulgent Britney Spears reference, then perhaps you can forgive me for the long awaited blog post!

Its been a few months, but by no means has "nothing been created". This Fall/Winter has been a time for adventure and exploration. And so, its time to get up-to-date on "everything that has been transformed".

amour et lumiere
Reba Jayne