Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There is freedom around us

"There's better people with more good to do".

I truly believe that success and happiness in life exists in doing whatever you can, be the deed big or small, to make changes for the good and to reach outside of yourself to nurture the beauty and gifts of life and humanity around us.

"Be the change the want to see in the world".

I painted this portrait of my friend Jen, a beautiful soul, passionate about making positive changes in our world.
You can read more about her adventures, experiences and insights in her book GAIA journey free. (book preview)

It is truly an inspiration to know there are people like Jen doing what they can to "maximize their life and enrich their being"!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


doe-eyed  [doh-ahyd]



having large, innocent-looking, dark eyes.


naive; too ready to believe.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I want candy!

Check this out - - - couture candy!


This is kitsch kandy from kaptonhook! (sorry all this sugar is making me alliterate!)
If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet sentimentality then this is for you. Custom made hard rock candy.
Whether it be for a wedding, a 21st, or you just like having your name on things, this custom made candy is the perfect personal touch.

I say indulge, you're kitschy side will thank you.

for the finest bonbonierre for your special day
contact Damian on 0406 808 270

in the woodworks

regard fixe par les yeux fonc├ęs

in the woodworks (i)

love my bones

in the woodworks (ii)

"I need love
cause only love is true
I need every waking hour with you
and my friends
cause they're so beautiful
Yeah my friends they are so beautiful!"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

in the woodworks (iii)

In homage to the great Audrey Kawasaki, I've started painting on wood. I love how the grain shows through the image. The transparency of the gouache on the pine adds a dynamic layer to the imagery. I find painting on this material to be an organic experience with rawness and depth beyond that of paper or canvas. I've also tried to challenge my drawing, and avoided using grids or lines to draw the base design. As a result these paintings show a degree of naivety, yet they are sincere in their portrayal.
Big thank yous go out to:
Laila Masri for exposing me to the beauty that is Audrey Kawasaki and for her continued support of my art explorations. You are an inspiration beyond words!
MO FIA aka Dal Sutherland for capturing images and a side of me I could never see!
Brandy Reece, Kali Meier, and Shannon Blake my North American lovaaaaahs! Leanne Knibbs, and Holly Conry, you blonde bombshells! Thank you for letting me appropriate your beautiful faces in my artistic endeavors!

nothing is created

"In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed," (Jean Renoir).
Things just are. We just are. Molded, altered, changed by our experiences.
As artists we tend to discuss our works or our processes as acts of creation. It is accepted that our role is to create or produce artworks. Consider though, that nothing is created, that in fact our job as artists is to alter, change and transform the material and media we work with. For example, when working on a painting, does an artist create an artwork? or does an artist transform the paint, alter its original state, change its form? The paint is still paint. Through the experience, talent and ideas of the artist the paint is applied in a new manner, its meaning changes, it is molded and altered. The paint is not created, the paint is not lost, the paint is transformed. By saying this, I'm not intending to devalue or undermine the creativity or imagination of the artist, rather arguing that the role of the artist is not solely to create: it is to change.
More broadly, I like to think that the challenge of the artist is to seek change, to question the state of being.
So, the artworks I present to you here, are not my creations. They are works in progress. They are transformations of ideas and materials. I hope that you will see change in my works, that nothing of myself or my ideas will be lost, rather that they become altered and transformed through experience and change.